Sunday, October 9, 2011


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Hey girls so I would really appreciate if you would vote on my poll on whenever or not to make a youtube. I havent decided if I want to yet. Also if you have any recomondations on what my blog posts should be about please comment below or email me at thx!

1. Apply foundation on your lips before you apply lipstick(gross right? but it really help)
2. Take a tissue and put it on your lips lightly after you have applied your lipstick/lipgloss and  dab face powder on th tissue
 3. Use a lip liner to fill in your lips
4. Use a lip balm under your lipstick/lipgloss

I hope you enjoyed these tips next week I will do a MAKE IT LAST ALL DAY: EYE MAKEUP!! Also if you need any advice(it doesnt have to be about makeup) I have a advice colum so email me your questions or situations at beautysuperstar07@gmailcom or comment on this post.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Happy Fall girls!!!:) I am so excited about this season's new trends I have seen... Here's a look at some awesome ideas for you to try this time of year!

 Mustard is not just for your hot dogs anymore! This color was seen in this year's fashion week and It's a great color that I feel complements skin tone. The jacket as you can see is found at forever 21:)

2. POLKA DOTS!!!!:
Such a cute, fun , and flirty trend. Polka dots can be added to any outfit like in a shirt, pants, dress, head bands, and MORE! It's probably the most wearable out of all things coming from fashion week. This trend was seen in Marc Jacobs's and Diane von frustenburg's fall lines.

Oh yes they did they made something that happens to metal if exposed to oxygen a TREND! I actually love the color and think it looks good on anyone!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey girls So this post is gonna be about the best eye shadow for Brown eyes next week I will do one about blue eyes!

1. Brown eyes

Brown eyes are the most commom eye color in the world! I perosonally have brown eyes. I used to hate them as a child but now I love them cause they match me so well. Some eyeshadow colors that look AMAZING and make brown eyes POP are bronzes, greens, and purples!!!:) I LOVE the best is purple eyeshadow with my brown eyes.

This is Mac's Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Plush- $20

If you want something a little cheaper here's Maybelline Expert Wear In copper craze- $4

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hey girls! So i haven't had access to a computer so I couldnt post:( So I meant to do this post yesterday but I am getting around too it now. Okay so I got this email the other day from Ally! Thx so much for emailing me!

So like my bffs started dtiching me a lot and it gets SOOO annoyinn!!! Dey almost made me cry one time :( at soccer we were all like playing and den they made me go get the ball and when i came back they had left me...
I mean im rly close wit one but she kinda replaced me wit another friend and now she is soo annoyin im like wth i was nice to u and u do dis?!!!
Idk :/
But srry if i sound weird lol im in sixth grade nd idrk how to like sound profesional r whatever :P
And srry if the qs are to personal u dont have to asmwer all of dem :)
- Aly(son) Brescia :DDDDD

First of all let me start by saying thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog. For your question I went through the SAME thing in the sixth grade how ironic? Honestly there is no perfect answer for these sort of promblems I understand it hurts so much its insane. What helped me really is to get new friends. Because once friends do something like that they are 99% percent chance they will do it again and if you confront them it only makes it worse! Because confronting them only makes things more awkward between you and these people then they will exclude you even MORE because they dont want to be around you after the awkwardness. I am not friends with anyone except one person from the sixth grade. I am in the eighth grade now. Middle school is a great time to meet new people there are so many to chose from! I hope this helped you.

have a question??? comment below or email me your questions at and your questions will be featured in next week's ASK MELANIE!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Hey girls! omg I am sooo sorry i didnt post all week! I had CRAZY hw but as promised I am doing my ask melanie post. I only got one question:( but I hope after reading it you guys can ask me more questions! no question is turned down fyi

QUESTION: Maybe you could give me a few pointers?(on making blogs)

Well I havent had a blog for that long only like a month so I am of course still learning. But my background comes from the cutest blog on the block which is a awesome website where you can get blog backgrounds for FREE! It's very simple they're instructions on how to apply it are on there website. Also I think a main pointer is to ADVERTISE seriously make sure to get the word out to sites and youtube videos that have something to do with your blog.

hope you found my answer helpful! If you have any questions at all make sure to comment and next week I'll answer it! You can also send it to my email: thx for reading!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hey girls! I'm in a reviewing kinda mood. I decided to do a review on clean&clear skin brightening facial cleanser in papaya smells FANTASTIC!:)
I love it alot it had made it's way into my daily skin care routine in the morning. The cleanser lathers really well! I can feel it opening my pores and my skin is silky smooth after I use it. As for it's pimple clearing it doesn't clear your pimples I have figured out. I was a little disapointed when I realized that. But I love the way it makes your pores feel excelent!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hey girls! So as you can see I changed my blog a bit. I was getting kinda sick of the old layout so I changed it to this. What do you think? Do you like it? Also I wanted to talk about my ASK MELANIE series of posts will not start till friday. September 16. I forgot to mention that in my about ASK MELANIE post. So if you still have some questions or need advice you can leave it as a comment to this post or my about ASK MELANIE post. Or you can just email me at I answer ALL questions:)