Friday, September 16, 2011


Hey girls! omg I am sooo sorry i didnt post all week! I had CRAZY hw but as promised I am doing my ask melanie post. I only got one question:( but I hope after reading it you guys can ask me more questions! no question is turned down fyi

QUESTION: Maybe you could give me a few pointers?(on making blogs)

Well I havent had a blog for that long only like a month so I am of course still learning. But my background comes from the cutest blog on the block which is a awesome website where you can get blog backgrounds for FREE! It's very simple they're instructions on how to apply it are on there website. Also I think a main pointer is to ADVERTISE seriously make sure to get the word out to sites and youtube videos that have something to do with your blog.

hope you found my answer helpful! If you have any questions at all make sure to comment and next week I'll answer it! You can also send it to my email: thx for reading!

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