Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hey girls! So since I ended my back to school series of posts because most people have already gone back to school. I loved doing a series of blog posts it's so much fun! I have been thinking for awhile which kinda of series do I want to start and I finally decided on doing a kind of advice series of posts called ASK MELANIE! I hope all of you will ask me a question it can be anything to beauty to friendship troubles even boy questions I will be happy to anwser so feel free to email me at if you have a personal question you don't want to be seen as a comment and if you have a question you dont mind people seeing leave it as a comment on this post. I will answer ALL questions in a post so please dont send me a question if you don't want them to be apart of my ask melanie post I will NEVER say who asked the question if the person did not want me to. Got a questin? that NEEDS to be anwsered?? comment below or email me at


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