Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hey girls! So i haven't had access to a computer so I couldnt post:( So I meant to do this post yesterday but I am getting around too it now. Okay so I got this email the other day from Ally! Thx so much for emailing me!

So like my bffs started dtiching me a lot and it gets SOOO annoyinn!!! Dey almost made me cry one time :( at soccer we were all like playing and den they made me go get the ball and when i came back they had left me...
I mean im rly close wit one but she kinda replaced me wit another friend and now she is soo annoyin im like wth i was nice to u and u do dis?!!!
Idk :/
But srry if i sound weird lol im in sixth grade nd idrk how to like sound profesional r whatever :P
And srry if the qs are to personal u dont have to asmwer all of dem :)
- Aly(son) Brescia :DDDDD

First of all let me start by saying thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog. For your question I went through the SAME thing in the sixth grade how ironic? Honestly there is no perfect answer for these sort of promblems I understand it hurts so much its insane. What helped me really is to get new friends. Because once friends do something like that they are 99% percent chance they will do it again and if you confront them it only makes it worse! Because confronting them only makes things more awkward between you and these people then they will exclude you even MORE because they dont want to be around you after the awkwardness. I am not friends with anyone except one person from the sixth grade. I am in the eighth grade now. Middle school is a great time to meet new people there are so many to chose from! I hope this helped you.

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