Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hey beauties! Since I am at 20 followers now(thanks so much love you girls<3) I decided to start my back to school series! The back to school series of posts(maybe videos if I can get my camera to work!)is gonna include outfits, makeup, and much more! This will be my first post on back to school. I decided that it should be a back to school workout because who doesn't wanna look AMAZING on the first day of school??? I love to work out cause for some odd reason it makes you happier and more energized how crazy is that???

MORNING: This workouts magic number is 20! I do 20 of everything in my morning workout!

1. 20 jumping jacks
2. 20 lunges
3. 20 crunches (I know, I know, I hate them to!)
4. 20 push ups

Have any questions on what these are?? comment and I will explain.

NIGHT: Every night for the month of August I have been running at night(not alone of course!) Running is a great fat burner! Make sure to walk a little before you start running to get your heart rate up then after you have walked a bit make sure to stretch so you don't pull something!

Hope you found my workout helpful!:)

<3 Melanie

P.S. How do you plan on getting toned before school?


  1. This is a great idea! I usually go running or rollerblading for cardio and do lots of crunches and push ups haha

  2. This is a great post, I like to go on either the Wii fit or Just Dance on the Wii from anywhere between half hour to an hour, followed by exercises like these.


  3. Thats a great idea! I have Just Dance for wii too but I've never put it into my workouts before!

  4. I know I'm not... in great shape.. so what would you recommend for toning arms and legs indoors when I can't go outside?

  5. I do backbends and handstands with crunches and for some reason im skinnier ha

  6. Short morning workouts are great to get energized :D I love crunches! Lol. If you want to add more exercise you could do your workout, rest for 30 seconds, then do it all over again (:

    xo Kim (http://onlykimxo.blogspot.com)