Monday, August 8, 2011


I'm in love.... with falsies mascara by maybelline(HAHA)! This is the perfect mascara if you want volume and length! I have awful lashes they are short and thin without mascara you cant even tell I have eyelashes! But with falsies I look like I have beautiful long full lashes! There is one thing I cant stand with falsies mascara and that is... THE SMELL! It smells very chemicaly(lol thats not a word)! But I'm willing to look pass the smell factor because of the amazing results!

<3 melanie


  1. ooooh glad u got good results from it, ive been trying to find a good mascara and i wanted to give it a try but wasnt sure if it was worth it - im defs buying it now ha.

    awesome blog :) i'm following u, follow back?

  2. I'm so glad you liked my review:)There is also Revlon grow luscious plumping mascara that works really well too:) Ashley Benson from PLL was wearing it on the cover of seventeen magazine! and of course I will follow your blog! and thx:)

    <3 Melanie

  3. Great review :) Found you on E+B and followed :)

    Be great if you could check my blog out:

  4. I've been using Falsies for awhile now and I love it! Sooo true about the smell lol but at least it gives good resultd!!

  5. yeah! I like the results so well I just deal with the smell hahaha:)